Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How many people can you accommodate?

A:   As a hands on guide service, I can accommodate up to three anglers, although two anglers are ideal.  If you have more than three anglers in your party, we commonly take out multiple boat trips.  Over the past couple years in Michigan I have accommodated up to 10 anglers on business trips, family outings and bachelor parties with five boats (and five separate licensed Guides).   
In Florida this past November, Roland Martin’s Marina hosted ‘The Tony Stewart Golf and Fishing Charity Classic’, which consisted of 28 boats with licensed guides!  On multiple boat trips our goal, as it is with an individual boat trip, is to surpass your expectations.  We have accommodated requests to fish close to one another for bragging (and shouting) rights and have staged ‘mini tournaments’ with small trophies.

Q:   Do I need to send a deposit?

A:   Yes, see our policy below

Long Cast Guide Service Deposit Policy
Deposits are non-refundable within 21 calendar days of our scheduled trip.  
To book a single date for one boat, please mail a $100 deposit payable to:
Long Cast Guide Service
27060 Ponchartrain
Harrison Twp., MI 48045
To book (2) or more dates, or for a multiple boat trip (2 or more boats), please mail one half of the total amount due payable to:
Long Cast Guide Service
27060 Ponchartrain
Harrison Twp., MI 48045

Q:   Does the guide fish?

A:   Yes and no.  In Florida, the guide does not fish on live shiner trips, although he will while lure fishing.  In Michigan, we only use artificial baits and the guide fishes along with the customers for the most part.  Guides fishing along with you can greatly help with technique, boat positioning on structure and achieving the correct angles for your baits.

Q:   Where will we meet?

A:   I will call you the night before our trip to confirm the meeting location.  Usually we will meet at the location discussed when the trip was booked.  Occasionally due to local weather the meeting location will change.  At times a little flexibility can pay huge dividends in our success!

Q:   What if it rains?

A:   We still fish in the rain.  Unfortunately we cannot predict the weather in advance. 

Q:   Can we keep the fish?

A:   No.  Roland Martin’s Marina on Florida’s Lake Okeechobee is strictly catch and release for largemouth bass, as are my musky and smallmouth bass trips in Michigan on Lake St. Clair and the connecting rivers.  Trophy fish are measured, girthed and photographed for reproductive mounts.  If you are looking for a big fish fry, I can recommend some excellent walleye guides in Michigan or crappie guides in Florida.   

I would not recommend hiring someone (large charterboat or otherwise) that allows you to keep bass or musky in any state.  If you do hire someone that allows you to keep bass or musky I will bet you $1,000.00 they have these three traits.  #1 – they are from the old school.  #2 – They are fundamentally poor fishermen.   #3 – They are unable to fill their limit with fish that taste good for their clients.

Q:   What if I have to go to the bathroom?

A:   Bass boats do not come with a fixed head (bathroom), although we can plan our day to always be within a couple minutes from a clean restroom on shore.

Q:   Do we have any bad weather alternatives?

A:   Yes.  Occasionally the wind or other conditions can be so bad that alternatives must be utilized to have a successful fishing day.  (All decisions based on the weather are solely up to the captain)  These are just alternatives, and if I cancel due to weather, I will do everything possible to re-book our date!  If you prefer to fish no matter what (a true diehard) I am familiar with quite a few inland lakes and rivers (in both Michigan and Florida) with exceptional fishing that are much more protected and safe under harsh conditions.   

Q:   Do I need to bring my own tackle or do you provide the equipment?

A:   We provide all of the equipment needed including rods, reels and baits.  For avid anglers used to using their own equipment, here are a few ideas that should help you cover the basics.

Florida Largemouth

7'6" to 7'11" heavy action flippin' stick with 65 lb. braid
7' to 7'6" heavy action worm rod with 15 - 20 lb. fluorocarbon
7' medium/heavy 'utility rod' with a fast tip and 20 lb. mono. for moving baits

Michigan Smallmouth

7' to 7'6" medium/heavy spinning rod with 8 lb. fluorocarbon (tubes)
7' to 7'6" medium spinning rod with 8 lb. fluorocarbon (drop shot)
6'6" medium power/moderate action casting rod with 12 lb. fluorocarbon (jerkbait)
7' medium/heavy casting 'utility rod' with 15 lb. mono. for moving baits

Michigan Musky

8'6" X-heavy casting rod with 80 pound braid (jigs)
8' to 8'6" heavy casting rod with 80 pound braid (moving baits)

A Common Question in Florida:

Q:   Do we need to book with you or should I call Roland Martin’s Marina?

A:   I highly recommend booking through Roland Martin's Marina.  In more than 15 years, we are proud to say that we have never had a scheduling error at Long Cast Guide Service!